Wille Jewellery was founded in 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark. Our jewellery is feminine with a raw fineness. Every single detail is thought through and considered carefully in which each piece of jewellery and collection has its own personality. 

Our jewellery is handcrafted from high quality materials and made with love by our designer Sanne Tøt, who gets her inspiration from the Scandinavian lifestyle, minimalism and architecture.

Our brand vision is to create sophisticated, modern and chic jewellery with raw details and delicate roughness, making women able to mix and match to express their personal style.


Sanne Tøt is behind our rough and delicate jewellery. She has worked as a jeweller and designer for twenty years. Among other places she has worked at Guldsmed Boye in Aarhus. Since december 2016 we have had the pleasure of Sanne. She is a sophisticated woman who is very passionate about her work, which you can tell by the look of the jewellery.